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It's not flawless, mind. Oh, no. The number of animations for your spandex scrappers is seemingly minimal. I mean, I've yet to see more than a few different sets of movements per character. Green Lantern and his mates look great when they're standing dominantly on the battlefield. Spend a few minutes in their company, though, and their limited move-sets soon mean the effect wears off. The music is suitably orchestral, presumably because you officially can't make anything with Caped Crusaders in these days that doesn't feature a gigantic string section.

That said, the "pows" and "thwacks" are meaty, so that's good. My biggest concern at the moment is that the combat seems really simple It's a two-button system, where you tap for a light attack; swipe left or right for a slower heavy attack; and place two fingers on the screen to block.

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Unfortunately, the number of combos at each combatant's disposal seems to be rather limited, plus your opponent's AI is lacking, resulting in some easy bouts. The 3v3 fighting hasn't evolved at all over the last few days. In fact, I've found that victories come rather too easily. Furthermore, the game has already become a slog, my progress halted only by the game's energy system and my general apathy towards what's on offer. Fighting generates Power to unleash special abilities - much like the Alpha meter in Street Fighter Alpha.

So, you build this Power up by punching the snot out of your opponent, then unleash the move by tapping the meter and rapidly hammering on an on-screen button prompt. There's no technique to learn here, though. No subtlety to its implementation whatsoever. The move either makes contact and causes damage, or it doesn't.

The quickest way to beat up the opposition is to tap twice on the screen, swipe, wait for a prompt on-screen, and follow its instruction.

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You can attempt to change things up, but why bother. Especially when this technique gets the job done with minimal resistance. There isn't even any positional 'game' to master, for you can't move your character manually. If you're knocked down, your hero will get back up, move towards the enemy, stop at a reasonable distance, then restart the scrap.

Injustice GAU Update 3.1 Recap: Which Glitches Still Work? Plus New Content

The option to block is also mishandled, as you'll only successfully defend an attack about a third of the time. Your block input doesn't seem to be recognised quickly enough for it to take effect before your opponent has taken his swing. My characters - represented as cards - are also gaining experience and levelling-up at the moment. You can supposedly add these experience points to your character and change the way he plays a little.

I haven't tinkered with this element yet, though, so I'm not entirely sure what effect this will have on the game.

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What I am aware of, however, is the fiddly nature of swiping through the menus. Just selecting the mission you want to take on next takes longer than it needs to, for your flicks often don't register.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile

Well, unless you're incredibly precise. The combo for easy victory is not 'tap, tap, swipe, wait, swipe'. It's 'tap, tap, tap, wait, swipe'. Not as many 'swipes', you see. My apologies - I was giving the game's combo system too much credit with that additional flick of the touchscreen. I have only now forgiven myself. The fighting is so straightforward, so easy that I don't feel like I'm a hero fighting a villain or vice versa.

Instead, I'm thinking: I still don't feel like I have much control over my characters. Well, aside from swapping them in and out when one is low on health; using a special move; or performing the aforementioned golden combo. There's no meta-game here, either, so there's nothing to do outside of the core fighting except spend Power Credits on card packs and upgrades. Each battle is a 3-on-3 showdown, as players put together their best trio. Stages feature several fights, each of which consumes energy, so players can juggle their rosters between each battle to maximize the experience gained for every character.

Players can also opt to wait for your team's energy to refill.

'Injustice' packs punch on iPhone, iPad

Each match nets power credits, the game's primary currency. Players use credits to buy booster packs of several cards or individual superhero or villain cards. Combat is optimized to work on a smartphone or tablet touchscreen. Players can taps or swipes to perform multi-hit combos. A power meter at the bottom of the screen fills up, allowing players to execute super-charged strikes that deal major damage or even drain an opponent's power meter.


After tapping an icon, a quick-time mechanic kicks in that determines how much damage a character deals. For example, Catwoman's claw attack requires several quick swipes, while Cyborg's strike is delivered by rapidly tapping the touchscreen. Matches end when all three characters on one team are knocked out. Overall, Injustice is a visually stunning, enjoyable brawler that lures players in with an incredible selection of superhero cards to acquire.

Fighting can grow tedious at times, but improves as the difficulty ramps up and players earn more sophisticated strategies beyond furiously tapping or swiping the screen. Also, it takes a long time to earn credits, which is especially frustrating when players want to add expensive high-profile characters such as Superman, Batman or the Joker. Although Injustice is free, the game is really urging players to invest cash in those credits and speed up the process.